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Determine the Cause of Engine Damage with FAST

Get a high-quality foreign object damage (FOD) or aviation failure analysis from Failure Analysis Service Technology (FAST) in Prescott, Arizona.  Personnel of FAST have considerable experience in aviation mishap investigations, in flight oprerations, both military and commercial, aircraft maintenance, and engineering specializing in jet engine damage.

The unique combined first-hand experience of FAST personnel, including aviation flight operations, materials science background, aviation material failure experience, and extensive hands-on failure analysis expertise specific to aviation not only permits the FAST team to determine the causes of failure and/or damage, but also to provide firm fixed prices for the investigation. Contact us right away to discuss your foreign object damage problem at no charge, or to request an analysis using our state-of-the-art equipment.

FAST Specializes In:

Aviation Mishap Investigation
 ○ Forensics
 ○ Fires
 ○ Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

Materials & Processing 
 ○ Aircraft Corrosion
 ○ Paint Chipping
 ○ Material Defects

Shroud Tip Liberation, Foreign Object Damage

LPT Blade Fractures, Aviation Failure Analysis

HPT Shroud Delamination, Aviation Failure Analysis
The Benefits of FAST
FAST recognizes the major benefits to be derived from learning the actual causes of damage to aircraft and aircraft components. Our commitment to elimination of foreign object damage (FOD) to turbine engines led to our development of a nondestructive technique for evaluation of impact damage. The FAST FOD Replicating Procedure™ is widely used by all branches of the United States military, as well as airframe makers and commercial airlines throughout the world. 
Additionally, we have successfully investigated more foreign object damage to jet engines than any other source in the world. Our team of highly skilled experts is extremely operationally oriented and understands the urgency of such an aviation failure analysis, which is critical to your flight safety. Because of our experience and knowledge, we are thus committed to delivery of your analysis results within 7 business days after receipt of samples. Read our PDF to learn more about our services and analyses.

Arrange for your prompt and professional aviation failure analysis
by calling us today at (800) 657-5664 in Prescott, Arizona.